Welcome to Red Rock Christian Church

join us sunday 

worship at 10:00 AM
Sunday school at 11:00 AM
Nursery available for children 3 and under

Fall Service schedule

9:15 am Prayer Time in FHL room
9:30-10:30 am Sunday School
10:45-11:45 am Worship

RRCC's 75th Anniversary

Sunday July 21, 2024

Includes an All-Church Picnic after Service.

What are you looking for in a church?

Maybe it's a warm and caring community. Or a place to learn more about God, God's plan for your life and how to be a good person in today’s confusing world. Perhaps you are looking for a family of faith to help you raise your kids with Christian values and virtues. Maybe you want a church that takes mission and ministry in its neighborhood seriously.  Red Rock Christian Church just might be for you!

At Red Rock Christian Church we are here to support your faith journey, wherever you are on the path. Located at the corner of Roosevelt and Kootenai on the Boise Bench, we are committed to helping you discover the blessings that Christ desires for all of us by caring for one another, reaching out in love and service to our community, and serving from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth.